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Our Story 

Yogaheart was founded in 2012 by Dean and Pauline Leppan. Opening a commerical studio in Hermanus blessed them with the opportunity to welcome many feet through the doors, and to collaborate with talented local and international teachers. Yogaheart’s studio doors closed at the beginning of 2021. Pauline is now offering small, intimate classes around Hermanus. Dean is taking a short break from teaching while attending to this year’s wine and olive harvest.

The Leppans are passionate about teaching yoga, and strive to offer you high-quality yoga classes in a safe and caring environment. Yogaheart still exists as a community, and offers all the opportunity for transformation and healing through the ancient practice that is yoga.

Our History

 Pauline Leppan

Pauline began her yoga journey while travelling through India in 2003. She has been keenly exploring this vast subject ever since. She is a certified Iyengar Teacher (Iyengar Institute of South Africa, 2017). She also certified to teach the Prana Vashya Primary Series in Mysore, India, 2007. David Jacobs, Jurgen Meusel and Vinay Kumar served as her primary mentors.

Pauline has been teaching yoga in Hermanus since 2008.

Pauline regularly attends workshops with local and international teachers. She enjoys learning fresh approaches to the subject but maintains great respect for yogic tradition.

She is inspired by nature, enjoys quiet places, and farm life with Dean and her two rescue dogs.

‘I am deeply grateful to be able to share the teachings of yoga to dedicated students who continue to teach me so much about the path of yoga.’

Dean Leppan

Dean’s practice started in 2003 with a month of intensive practice in Northern India with a wandering yogi named Zoltan. Dean’s yoga practice has continued to evolve ever since. He has been certified to teach by the Iyengar Institute of South Africa (in 2017) and the Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences in Mysore, India (in 2007)

Dean has been teaching, alongside Pauline, since they arrived in Hermanus in 2008.

‘I’ve always been drawn to the more traditional practices that have a clear lineage to the roots of yoga. I focus on holding poses that are well aligned and the breath. I continue to be inspired by many teachers including my wife Pauline, David Jacobs, Jurgen Meusel and Patrick Hattingh.’

‘My biggest inspiration is the dedicated students who continue even when the practice is tough – that’s when the magic happens.’