Pauline Leppan

Pauline’s yoga journey began in 2003 while doing a month of intensive practice in Northern India, with a wandering yogi named Zoltan. She has been keenly exploring this vast subject ever since. She is a certified Iyengar Teacher (Iyengar Institute of South Africa, 2017) She also certified to teach the Prana Vashya Primary Series in Mysore, India, 2007.

Pauline has been teaching yoga in Hermanus since 2008. It was her passion for sharing the benefits of yoga that prompted her to open the doors of Yogaheart in 2012.

David Jacobs, Jurgen Meusel, Patrick Hattingh, Vinay Kumar and Rob Ogle have served as her primary teachers.

Pauline regularly attends workshops with local and international teachers. She enjoys learning fresh approaches to the subject, but maintains great respect for yogic tradition.

Dean Leppan

Dean's practice started in 2003 with a month of intensive practice in Northern India with a wandering yogi named Zoltan and has continued to evolve ever since. He has been certified to teach by the Iyengar Institute of South Africa (in 2017) and the Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences in Mysore, India (in 2007).

Pauline and Dean have been teaching since they arrived in Hermanus in 2008. "I've always been drawn to the more traditional practices that have a clear lineage to the roots of yoga. For me asana (postures) practice is a way to learn control of the mind by means of the body so that one day, maybe, both can be transcended. I focus strongly on holding poses that are well aligned and the breath. I continue to be inspired by many teachers including my Wife Pauline, David Jacobs, Jurgen Meusel and Patrick Hattingh.

My biggest inspiration though are the dedicated students who continue even when the practice is tough - that's when the magic happens.

Annabe Tredoux

Annabe has been practicing and studying yoga since the mid-seventies. Through the years she developed an integrative approach by partnering her formal training in health, humanities and somatic coaching with yoga. She has been teaching since 2001. Her mentors were the esteemed teachers - Midge Dods and Donna Farhi.

Annabe's teaching style evolved as more scientific evidence became available, and her signature VumaYoga approach suits:

  • Older clients - focusing on functional health and mobility
  • Persons with health or medical challenges that will benefit from highlighted teaching
  • Beginners of all ages.

Annabe is committed to, and passionate about, assisting people create and maintain optimal functionality. She teaches small groups at Yogaheart and offers personalised sessions for individuals. Look in at

Kim Cornell

Kim completed her 200h Yoga Teacher Training Course at The Shala in 2012. She teaches a Vinyasa-style class.

While staying at the Osho Ashram in India, Kim practiced many kinds of movement meditation. Continuing to learn, Kim has done yoga workshops with Shimon Ben Avi, Simon Rowe (Prana Vinyasa) Jim Harrington, Patrick Creelman and Marissa van Vuuren (Zanzibar)

Dancing and swimming were Kim’s passions at school. She studied Journalism and Psychology at Rhodes University, worked as a stylist in the film industry, and lived on an animal training farm in Botriver, until her divorce. She now lives in Hermanus with her twin boys.

Kim uses the dance of yoga to help relieve anxiety, clear emotional blockages, and celebrate life.